Dean Close

Moving into a new school is always a daunting task, especially with such high expectations riding on your shoulder. Not only that it's thousands of miles away from your comfy bed, it's also a totally new environment. How did we cope?



A familiar sight to a few of us, the costa cafe has been a place for us to just be open and let it all out. It's a time to just relax and talk, in the middle of the night. That's how we spent our time in london. That's not the only thing we did while in london


Pressure's On

The life of a foreign student in a british school can be different to some in a lot of aspects, but one thing remains the same : competitions. Any sort of competition, may it be in studies or quiz. These guys are certainly in one.



A regular at radioplaydisco, she turned 18, and is now officially older than me numerically. Greetings couldn't stop pouring from thousands of miles away. Question is, what does she want for her birthday?


The morning before.

The day of the photoshoot. The chaos that ensued. the close-call to major calamity. All that later, here it's all about the photoshoot that morning, with the sun shining and the people smiling, it was deceiving.


Friday, January 22, 2010


The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

polar bears aren't dying. they're just sunburnt and moved to canada/

hello, you.

i guess by now you probably have checked this blog loads of time, all but having any sort of updates in this humble blog of mine but worry no more, as i have made a temporary return to the blogging world. Due to the supremacy of social networking systems and telecommunications aids in this modern times of ours, the blogging world has seen a decline but here's to stopping stupid posts from being posted up by people with a shallow mind and even shallower wallet. Didn't make sense? no worries, same here.

I used to be the blogger that types loads, and then posts loads of pictures, all to be adored and loved by internet viewers, and i still do so (-ish). So lemme fill you in on what happened after summer holidays. i'm sure those eager stalkers are eyeing this kind of info for as long as the pizza been hot ( lame, but hey i gave it a go)

first of all, a minute of silence for our dearly departed friend:
the acer aspire 5500. lasted for 3 years, possibly even more. spent some time here in the UK, through the wintery nights and summer days but sadly ended a tragic death. by tragic i mean a slow and painful death. the display unit started failing and what good is a laptop if i can't do the photo works i dearly love on it?

so i found a new friend.

i call it : orangey

okay so maybe i didn't actually give it a name but somehow i might. orangey might be a good name if it didn't have three syllables. maybe orange. or range.

nice ring to it. "Hi, my laptop's name is The Range"

Those chocolate bars didn't helped hide my erratic thoughts there.

so moving on....

the new laptop was a bit of a constricted decision. Initially wanted to get the Dell Studio XPS 16 with the optional 16 inch RGB-LED screen ( awesome display ) but in the end i ended up with the Lenovo Y650

it's 16 inch of pure ( stop those bad thoughts here, i know you had that idea in mind ) display goodness, with JBL speakers to keep the sound crisp and clear for movie sessions, and it had proven me good in the last few months i've been using it. 4gb ram is awesome for running loads on, with the nvidia card running the super bright screen to it's full potential.

with it, i managed to put out some decent pictures of my autumn/winter term. it has been a long term, but no longer than my first term as a L6. i guess when you know the people around you, it's make life a lot easier, and a lot more enjoyable. i've met people i won't forget in a very very long time, and i am truly grateful for that. these are the people i trust, i look after, i care and will do anything for these people. i guess i'm that kind of a person.

since i can't actually list down all of the stuff in chronological order, i'll put some photos regardless of date but they're all from last term. all of these are just things i thought i might share with the whole world, and give light to what i do here in the uk.

scenes from the house bridge competition

Mr. Niblett - one of my physics teachers

ever wondered how my chem class is? here you go. just with different people.from hyde park session with BFF ( BruneiForever forum)

dinner at the garners :D

bowling session during the house evening. awesome night!

housemaster, housemistress and family along with house tutors

keith's bday dinner at F&B

gate photoshoot

hari raya jump
GG photoshoot team members :D

i'll post more when i can. if i can. did i just repeat myself? i think i just did. okay stop there. stop. stop. stop. blame the time, alright?


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